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Alle zorgverleners voor moeders en kinderen zijn nauw bij het onderzoek betrokken.

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PhD theses and publications

Researchers at the Generation R Study are mainly Phd students working on their doctoral thesis. Results are published in international medical journals.

Nutrition and disease in childhood: A window of opportunity?
PhD thesis Dr. Ilse Tromp
March 14th 2017

Disentangling the Heterogeneity of Bone Accrual
PhD thesis Dr. Carolina Medina-Gomez
May 31st 2016

Prenatal influences on foetal growth and children's cognition and behavior
PhD thesis Dr Nina Grootendorst - van Mil
February 10th 2016

Determinants of growth, adiposity and bone mass in early life
PhD thesis Dr. Denise Heppe
January 15th 2016

Differential susceptibility to parenting: exploring new approaches
PhD thesis Dr. Dafna Windhorst
November 24th 2015

Genetics and Epigenetics of children's behavior problems
PhD thesis Dr. Eirini Pappa
November 20th2015 

Nutrition, body composition, and cardiometabolic health in children
PhD thesis Dr. Trudy Voortman
October 28th 2015

Microvasculature and cardiovascular risk factors in childhood
PhD thesis Dr. Olta Gishti
June 19th 2015

Prenatal nutrition and early childhood behaviour
PhD thesis Dr. Jolien Steenweg - de Graaff
June 17th 2015

Social inequalities in cardiovascular health among mothhers and their 
PhD thesis Dr. Selma Bouthoorn
March 3rd 2015

Population-based studies of bullying in young children
PhD thesis Dr. Marina Verlinden-Bondaruk
December 2nd 2014

Early human growth, periconception epidemiological and epigenetic studies
PhD thesis Dr. Marieke Bouwland-Both
November 25th 2014

Poor self-regulation in young children
PhD thesis Dr. Maartje Basten
November 6th 2014

Cardiovascular health in pregnant women and their children
PhD thesis Dr. Romy Gaillard
June 25th 2014

Asthma symptoms in early childhood: a public health perspective
PhD thesis Dr. Esther Hafkamp-de Groen
May 21st 2014

Fetal and infant origins of childhood asthma
PhD thesis Dr. Agnes Sonnenschein-van der Voort
January 15th 2014

Do fathers matter? In search of causes and consequences of parental sensitivity
PhD thesis Dr. Nicole Lucassen
October 1st 2013

Migration, health and help-seeking in childhood
PhD thesis Dr. Ilse Flink
September 10th 2013

Neurobiological pathways to childhood psychopathology
PhD thesis Dr. Akhgar Ghassabian
June 12th 2013

Early growth and childhood adiposity
PhD thesis Dr. Busra Durmus
May 8th 2013

Early growth and cardiovascular development in childhood
PhD thesis Dr. Layla de Jonge
April 18th 2013

Exhaled nitric oxide and asthma in childhood
PhD thesis Dr. Ralf van der Valk
April 12th 2013

Parenting and the biology of child self-regulation
PhD thesis Dr. Rianne Kok
March 21st 2013

Early growth, cardiovascular and renal development
PhD thesis Dr. Rob Taal
March 20th 2013

Work, environmental and reproductive health
PhD thesis Dr. Claudia Snijder
December 13th 2012

Genes, parental psychiatric symptoms and child emotional problems
PhD thesis Dr. Fleur Velders
October 31st 2012

Causes and consequences of infant neuromotor development
PhD thesis Dr. Tamara Batenburg-van Eddes
September 27th 2012

Early life nutrition and gastrointestinal and allergic outcomes
PhD thesis Dr. Jessica Kiefte-de Jong
September 12th 2012

Deciduous Molar Hypomineralisation, its nature and nurture
PhD thesis Dr. Marlies Elfrink
June 2nd 2012

Air pollution exposure and pregnancy complications
PhD thesis Dr. Edith van den Hooven
April 19th 2012

Febrile seizures and other paroxysmal events in early childhood  
PhD thesis Dr. Annemarie Visser
January 11th 2012

Maternal lifestyle and pregnancy complications
PhD thesis Dr. Rachel Bakker
May 27th 2011

Psychological risk factors for pain in young children
PhD thesis Dr. Noor Wolff
May 25th 2011

Body composition in early childhood
PhD thesis Dr. Lamise Ay
January 19th 2011

Bacterial carriage in infancy
PhD thesis Dr. Joost Labout
December 22nd 2010

Infant attachment and stress regulation
PhD thesis Dr. Maartje Luijk
December 9th 2010

Genetic and Environmental Infl uences on Early Growth
PhD thesis Dr. Dennis Mook-Kanamori
November 24th 2010

Folic Acid, Dietary Patterns and Perinatal Health
PhD thesis Dr. Sarah Timmermans
September 15th 2010

Early Influences on Cardiovascular and Renal Development
PhD thesis Miranda Geelhoed
December 11th 2009

Social Inequalities in Pregnancy Outcomes and Early Childhood Behaviour
PhD thesis Dr. Pauline Jansen
December 4th 2009

Respiratory Morbidity and Exhaled Nitric Oxide in the Firts 2 Years of Life
PhD thesis Dr. Carmelo Gabriele
November 25th 2009

Asthma-Related Symptoms and Health-Related Quality of Life in Children
PhD thesis Dr. Ashna Mohangoo
November 17th 2009

Fetal Origins of Socioeconomic Inequalities in Early Childhood Health
PhD thesis Dr. Lindsay Silva
October 2nd 2009

Prenatal and early postnatal brain development
PhD thesis Dr. Sabine Roza
June 25th 2008

Ethnic differences in fetal growth, birth weight and infant mortality
PhD thesis Dr. Ernst-Jan Troe
June 20th 2008 

Fetal growth and development
PhD thesis Dr. Bero Verburg
November 28th 2007 

Parental psychopathology and the early developing child
PhD thesis Dr. Mijke van den Berg
May 24th 2006  

Maternal and fetal origins of cardiovascular disease
PhD thesis Dr. Vincent Jaddoe
May 24th 2006